Sony PlayStation dan Nintendo pernah kerjasama bareng.

Hybrid: Gamer Dan Diebold reportedly found the device at his dad's house in Philadelphia. It could be an abandoned prototype for a joint venture between Sony and Nintendo to make a console that plays cartridges and CDsmungkin para pecinta game pasti sudah hapal dengan perusahaan game sony playstation atau nintendo dua perusahaan berbeda ternyata dulunya kerjasama bareng dalam pembuatan game konsol yang sekarang banyak beredar di para gemer seperti konsol playstation atau konsol nintendo.

Perangkat misterius yang ditemukan oleh seorang gemar video game di dalam kotak sampah tua bisa menjadi sebuah jawaban prototipe hibrida konsol yang dibuat oleh sony dan nintendo.

ternyata benar mereka pernah kerjasama bareng.

seorang gamer yang bernama diebold melaporkan telah menemukan alat di rumah ayahnya di philadelphia.dan ternyata penemuan diebold mungkin adalah sebuah prototipe yang tidak di lanjutkan oleh sony dan nintendo.

berikut gambar-gambarnyaOld-school: The gray device has a CD port, pictured above, and Sony branding - but has slots which were used with SNES controls

Back end: The device's AV outputs and power slot can be seen above - but it came with no cables so Diebold has never plugged it in

Game pad: Pictured above is the controller which came with the device - which looks exactly like a SNES bad but has Sony branding

Mysterious: The underside of the pad features Nintendo markings, as seen in the picture abive

Cartridge: Diebold said this games cartridge was with the device. It is not clear what is on it - and its only identifying features are a handwritten 1992 date and some Japanese text

Back end: As with the controller, the cassette is marked with Nintendo branding

Rival: Sony and Nintendo never widely produced their joint console. Instead, Sony went it alone and released the PlayStation, seen above, in 1994 - which went on to revolutionize gaming
Back to cartridges: Nintendo's next entry, the N-64, kept using cartridges. The company would not release a disc-based console until 2001
lumayan buat nambahin informasi.
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